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Friday, June 29, 2007

upselling gone crazy

A while back my friend Rose was shopping at this store and the cashier, despite the fact that Rose was not purchasing anything Harry Potter related, tried to upsell her the book that people are predicting the end of the Harry Potter series in. I apologize for not having the title of the book here, but I am sure if you are dying to waste money, you will be able to locate it at your favorite retail book store. I love books, but if I want to try and predict the ending of a book, I will do it on my own and not waste good book purchasing money on something so ridiculous! Shortly after that shopping experience, Rose and I were in that bookstore purchasing a couple of things, when the cashier randomly started talking about this stuffed duck and how cute it was....Rose and I are looking at each other like huh?
So what is with these upsells? It is a little annoying!
Now, I love the Harry Potter series as much as the next guy...or rather as much as the next 979,484 people! But seriously folks, a book predicting the ending? Cuh-razy!
And have you checked out the Muggle counter at Amazon? They are counting the pre-sale of the last book in the series. Makes you wish you had bought stock in Amazon years ago!

Monday, June 25, 2007

We love us some books

Here's a little glimpse of our book collection. We have books everywhere in our house. We love, love, love to read.

In fact Molly got an award today for her excellence in reading! Way to go Molly!


A new take on an old favorite! If you have not seen The Shining...you must rent it!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spring fever

This next Saturday is our all day gossip and scrap fest so I really needed to get organized. I have been guilty of just tossing everything into my scrapbooking room, but this weekend I really want to be able to get to all of my goodies-hence the cleaning fever that hit me today. I took some before pictures, but don't have any good after pictures yet... the girls need to go through a pile of stuff in their craft area first. I did get the chance to sit down and scrapbook tonite, and I am getting some layouts together for this next weekend-yay me!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A labor of love

Here is a glimpse of what the girls and I made for Mark for Fathers Day. It was a lot of fun to work on, and I have never in all my years of scrapbooking, made a mini-album. I have an amateur camera, so please forgive the pictures.

School's out for the summer...well almost

Can you feel it in the air? The sun was out today, in fact it got blazin' hot out while I was helping out with field day at the girls school. I have a heck of a sunburned face and neck, but it was worth it! First half of the day was spent with the 1st-3rd graders. Then it was off to a taco feed in Hayley's class, put on by another mom. It was great! I was about to leave to come home to do some scrapbooking, when I got asked to fill in a spot at the 4th-6th grade portion of field day. Let me just mention here that the older kids have a lot less "politeness" about them, than the younger kids, but it was still fun. Ever had a kid try to trick you just for another Otter Pop? Ok, that may say something about how hot it got today. Anyways the highlight of my day was the Teacher vs. 6th grade kickball game. I love that the teachers and principal do this. Then to top the day off, there was a pie eating contest. I took a few pictures to show you how awesome it turned out. I was a bit worried at first that it would be a little "Stand by me" (for those of you who have not seen that movie, well, you are missing out). All in all, I would volunteer again in a heart beat. When the kids come up and say thanks it makes it all worth while.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ulta salon rules!!!

I finally got to go in and have my hair colored again, it has been since before Christmas. My hairstylist, Brandi, is the best! Mark took some pics so you all can see the updated look I am sporting.

so much to do, so little time

This past week we have just been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest (to quote my dad). Mark came to school to have lunch with the kids. I volunteered a full day in Hayley's class. Then Thursday night was Portfolio night for Kindergarten. After the Portfolio night the rest of the parents who pitched in to help with the end of the year party stayed to set up for the next day.
What a great group of parents, I expected to do a ton of work myself, but it was wonderful to have these awesome Moms pitch in! We had fun gabbing too.
So today was the big end of the year party
for the kids. We had a big feast and
tons of activities for the kids (including fish painting, fishing for letters, ring toss, visor decorating...to name a few). We ended up having over 50 people including the students so I was thrilled at the turnout. It is hard to believe that Molly will be starting 1st grade already and Hayley is off to 3rd grade next year.
It was a busy day for Hayley too, she had the running eagles party to attend, and just received another Hazelwood way award, this time for quality work. She gets to go to a special ice skating party next week to celebrate her achievement! Way to go Hayley!
Mark and I are super proud of our girls.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Pocket

Only Jim Gaffigan (or my goofy friends) can appreciate this one. I had to run down to this local drugstore the other night to pick up a few pictures for a project I am working on for Mark's Fathers day gift. Usually this store is the MOST boring place on Earth right? Not this time. As I rounded the corner over by the cold drink/frozen section there were three young people speaking rapidly in Japanese and pointing to the two hot pockets in the freezer, obviously not able to choose which delicious frozen gut buster to choose from! I so wanted to yell "warning..you just bought a hot pocket". But alas, I did not, because I am not that crazy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beat it!

Here's a little something for you 80's wannabe's . I am thinking of wearing this to our 80's party in August. Hmmm...food for thought. When I was in the third grade my friend Yvonne had the actual red leather jacket like Michael Jackson wore in the Beat it video. We were all so jealous. In fact I think at the time, you could purchase the Michael Jackson look-alike stuff at Fred Meyers. At least in Alaska you could!
Who's in for wearing the Flock of Seagulls hairdo?
Any other cool 80's stuff you miss or loved when you were a kid?

Party like a rockstar

Our MGM suite is booked...and we are Vegas bound very soon. Thanks to Rose for sitting on hold and taking care of getting the 3 BATHROOM suite booked! Mark and I have stayed at the MGM Casino/hotel before and it was great.

Dannie, Rob, Kellie, Rose, Theresa and Alan this town won't know what hit it!

It will be a happy 5th anniversary for Dannie and Rob and 10- can you believe it-10 years for Mark and I. I can hear the slot machines calling...
Above are some pictures from our trip the last time we went. The MGM Grand has a beautiful fountain as you come down from your rooms. As you can see we had a lot to pack up when we left Vegas, including everything our friend Teri left in the room before she left to fly home! Our bellhop earned his money this time that's for sure.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Teutuls will always have a place in our hearts!

After a busy weekend of sleepovers at our place, I needed a few minutes to sit and be a couch potato. Sunday afternoons are not plentiful for good t.v. watching so I put on the Discovery Channel, which I always forget about! It holds one of our all time favorite shows, American Chopper . Let me be honest, I am not a "biker" per say, or even a fan of watching shows where things are built. But there are a few things about this show that keep me captivated. Is it Paul Sr. and Paulie always battling about keeping the shop clean ( or whatever quarrel comes up for the day)? Is it the fact that the more unorganized they seem, the more beautiful, amazing bike they put together? It may just be that it is a family working together, and I feel that connection despite the fact that our business and the American Chopper business are completely different from each other. Who knows really, I just know I love watching them...my dear hubby even has the American Chopper Full Throttle game for his xbox . Yes we have just admitted that we may be a little "you might be a redneck if..." . Have you ever seen the bike they made for the Prisoners of War or the bike designed for the New York Fire Department? It is a toss up which one is our favorite, but you really must take a look at the airbrush paint job done on the P.O.W. bike, as well as all of the detail put into each bike. The Teutuls come up with some amazing ideas for the custom Choppers.
Plus, they do a lot for charity, which you can also check out on the website.
Ok, so my love affair with the Teutuls has not ended yet!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Does anyone remember this show?

Today I was thinking of long forgotten shows and I had a sudden thought...what happened to Mr.Belvedere? This was actually a pretty good show. I remember the episode where they talked about the classmate who had AIDS...it was rarely discussed in any t.v. show at the time! I only got to watch this show if I was at my Grandparents, for some reason we didn't get it on t.v. in Alaska. I guess our local stations were too busy showing Hee Haw and Little House on the Prairie! Wahoo!

Funny-even with the cussing

This blog rarely updates, but if you want a good laugh click here and I think you will LOVE this gas station story. I did, but then again it may be because I am up at 1:13 in the morning with nothing better to do. Insomnia sucks.

Sharing is good

I have discovered a new blog tonite that has some totally kick butt scrapbooking/craft projects that I want to share with you! Head on over to follow the green fairy and give your eyes a little treat.
Also, has anyone else fallen in love with this company called Hambly Screen Prints? I think their stuff is really hip and I hope some of our local stores get the owl and bird stuff in soon. I would love to see it in person. You can check them out at www.hamblyscreenprints.com and they also have a blog you can link to from the site.
Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

For the love of Meat loaf-and I don't mean the food your mom used to cook

I am "borrowing" this post from another blog...you must check out this blog anyways if you have not already- pop culture junk mail.

Wikipedia really does have everything, including this super-creepy and super-long list of gory movie deaths, sorted by implement.A blender in the mouth? Decapitated by a jinxed branch? Death by ice cube filled with nanobots? Yikes. However, it's kind of funny to me that several of the deaths happen to singer Meat Loaf. Gives new meaning to "I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that."

I think all of the Kemp BBQ attendee's can appreciate this one!

I hear Vegas calling!

Our friend Kellie is back from France...yay! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures and all that jazz. I may even have to book a spa day with her at Nordies downtown Seattle.
So all of us are gearing up for the big Vegas trip, it is hard to believe that the time has actually gone by as fast as it has. September will be here before we know it. Vegas won't know what hit it, after all of us girls (plus a couple of extremely brave men) arrive! Kellie is doing some leg work on the tickets and hotel arrangements for us. Will it be upper-class Bellagio style? Or the high quality of the lowest quality hotels- The Golden Nugget? (is that place still around?) . Wherever we rest our heads it is going to be the trip of a lifetime...until the next one. Chicago anyone? OH and by the way, Mark and will not be renewing our vows Elvis style this time...way too expensive! That will have to be a 15 year anniversary treat :)
Off to watch Will and Grace on Lifetime t.v. for women .

I just do what Oprah tells me to do!

Usually a huge fan of the Oprah book club selections for reading, I have to admit that lately I have not LOVED what is on her list. It may just be me, my mood, the way the wind is blowing...whatever! So I am going to you, my faithful blog readers...and you looky loo's too. I need some suggestions for reading. No Fabio style romance novels please. An old fav, or something new, I am open to hearing what you have to say.

Here is where I do my public service announcement

For those of you who don't know I am now in charge of the box tops for education program
at my kids Elementary school. If you do not know about this program, then you should check it out online. I would love for you to save your box top coupons, as this program helps provide a ton of stuff for the kids (field trips, new instruments -to name a few). If you go online and register you can also get grocery coupons and hey-who doesn't like to save a buck here or there? I would be more than happy to receive your coupons if you are willing to save them for us! Thanks!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fun in the sun

Last Saturday we headed up to the Kemp's for a BBQ. They have a beautiful view of the Puget sound (they live in Stanwood, Washington) from their back deck. Alan K., also known as Bizarro Al because we have two friends name Alan K., grilled up the burgers, dogs and corn and we ate until we were stuffed. Our standard party game, Cranium Pop 5, was brought out and we played a round, which was super fun as usual. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Orange shirt club rules! And so does Mark's Madonna impression.

If you don't know Will Ferrell, you live under a rock


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