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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A month...really?

I have had a lot I could of blogged about over the past month, but I am now 10 weeks into pregnancy land and I am sick and grumpy and I can't seem to shake it yet. I am sure my happy time is just around the corner.
In the meantime we have squeezed in a few fun things.
1. 4th of July at Martha Lake with an added bonus: battle of the rock/mariachi bands.
2. Anti-nausea meds so I could go out to a birthday dinner cooked by the Kerleys. Delicious mexican.
3. Mark going back to his RR job. Yay. A little less stress for awhile.
4. McDonalds friends reunion. It was awesome.
5. BBQ dinner cooked by the Kemps and a beautiful sunny day to celebrate my birthday.
6. Birthday dinner with family and some new cool books for birthday gifts.
7. Ryan's 3rd birthday at Carkeek park in Seattle. We haven't seen Nina or Lindy in a year and were sad that Kelley could not be there. Miss you Kelley! But Lee is hilarious...so glad he made it.
8. My daughters 10th birthday. She's hitting double digits. We're getting her ears pierced and she is getting a birthday dinner out at her restaraunt of choice.
9. Oh and I almost forgot, celebrating 60 years of marriage with Mark's grandparents. I can only hope we are married this long to each other.

So, with that it may be awhile before I post again. The couch is screaming my name right now. I wish this super hot weather would GO AWAY!
P.S. Amanda and I also went and played bingo. We might have been the youngest players there, but it was still soooo fun. Tulalip bingo is expensive! Next time we better win!!!!

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