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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lesson learned

One thing you don't want to do is lock your keys and your purse in your car, when you don't have a spare set of keys available! Yep, you guessed it...that is exactly what I did tonite. The locksmith left awhile ago and I now have my key and purse back in a safe place. When they called to confirm my address, the locksmith asked if I was the guilty party! I could not blame this one on Mark or the kids!!!

On to better things now. I am uploading photos of our 2007 Vegas trip. This is what I plan on scrapbooking this weekend at T's house. I have a sage green Making Memories album picked out for this trip. When I told T what I was working on, she said that is what she is planning on working on too! Now I need to get photo's uploaded for her.

School is almost ready to start. Last night we (the P.T.A. board) went to a conference at Cascade High School. We learned a little more about what our jobs entail, and got a little bonding time in too! I think we have some wonderful things planned for the school this year. I am super excited about being a part of making my kids lives better and their fellow classmates. A special shout out to Alderwood Barnes and Noble for adopting our school. They have lots of great stuff planned for our kids and I know my girls will be thrilled.
Today we met the entire staff, introduced ourselves and told them a little about what we have planned for them, and the students. One thing I love about Hazelwood is how well we all work together. I am impressed time and time again with our Principal and all of the staff. It is really the best school around. The girls are lucky they get to go to school there.

The other exciting thing I have to share is that Mark and I are just around the corner from our 11th anniversary. I am trying to plan a fun, romantic night out and have a few ideas. We have not really had a date night in a long time. We were thinking of going to El Gaucho in Seattle, but I think we will use our gift card to Anthony's and then go out for drinks...maybe at the Matador? I am hoping the weather is nice because I have one other possibility, it requires NO RAIN so do a little finger crossing for us that the weather will cooperate. You Seattleites (this means Kelley, Lee, Dannie, Rob) are more than welcome to meet up with us for drinks. It is Dannie and Rob's anniversary coming up too.

That's all for now. I am off to do a little reading.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old friends and BIG news

Today was an unexpected sort of day. I went to Safeway in my old hometown, Monroe, and ran into an old friend. I literally have not seen him for 15 years. His name is Aaron and has a 2 year old daughter. It was nice to see him, it was as if it was just yesterday that we were in school together. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic, and also that I wished I had kept in touch with a few other people from school.
Another exciting bit of news from an old high school chum (who was my maid of honor when Mark and I got married) is that she is pregnant and due in January. I am super excited for her and I think she will be a great mom. She already has a step-daughter who she is really great with. Congrats Amanda! We can't wait to meet your new little special someone.
I'm off to scrapbook. I got a lot accomplished today, and now I want to put on something funny to watch and get some craft time in before I get sleepy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Youtube is wacked out

The posts from Youtube that you can see with the Beatles clip was posted way back in July. I was telling my friend Rose how they never showed up and now magically they have appeared. Almost a month later. Totally strange.

We do it like the pioneers would have

This weekend was a fun camping trip to White Pines with some good friends. The weather was super hot and we spent a lot of time either in Nason Creek or soaking our feet to keep cool.

The kids had a ton of fun together and played really well. We even tried out Hayley's new Lasso Golf game, which kept the kids and adults entertained.

We were really roughing it, no showers all weekend. We also ran out of space in our coolers, so we decided to use the creek to keep our drinks cool-you know just like the pioneers would have. Erin and Mark tried to catch a salmon in the creek with their bare hands, but no such luck! The salmon were huge and this is the first time we have seen any at Nason Creek.

Erin wanted to walk part of the Iron Goat Trail so we started where the town of Wellington used to be. It was a little spooky walking through the old snow sheds, and being at the site of the avalanche disaster that killed so many people. We did however find out that our daughter Molly is a little Forrest Gump as far as her running skills. She has no problem keeping up with Auntie Erin!

On another note, we bought a new car. It is a Nissan Xterra. We need to get a picture of it, but I did not want to take one today because the car is dusty from camping. I will try to do that soon.
We are exhasted after this weekend. We were packed and on the road by 7 a.m. this morning to avoid the thunder and lightning storm. It blew over pretty quickly, but we wanted to stay dry!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Beatles-Birthday

Happy Birthday to Miss H. She's 9 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love this show! I am trying to find a clip of the second episode from this new season, they reference Ferris Buellers Day off.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The car is dead

Today, we had to finally decide that yes, we did kill the car! Mark has been working on the Rodeo when he can, and he finally came to the conclusion that it is not fixable. So we promptly took it to the car crusher and sold that bad boy!

Now we have the scary task of purchasing a new car. So many to choose from!

Tonite I scrapbooked a page with pictures from 2001. When we went to the cabin back in March, I put random pictures in a plastic box to scrapbook. My goal was to get most of the pictures scrapbooked, but there was not enough time. Now I have been going back to that box and randomly pulling pictures out.

Here is the page completed tonite.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Craft results

We had fun getting some craft projects done on Saturday. Here are a couple of pictures.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What tommorow has in store for me

Saturday is supposed to be rainy here in the Puget Sound. I am actually happy. I feel like I have not cooled off since our camping trip to Winthrop back in July.
Miss H has a swimming and slumber party to go to tommorow so Molly and I will have a day of crafting together. One of my BFF's, Rose, may come over also (she better or else is what Molly said! Ha Ha.) so we will hopefully get a lot done. Tonite has been about looking through supplies and sort of re-organizing and re-visiting what I have. One goal of mine lately is to use old tools and products. I typically go with the new stuff, but I am finding that a lot of my old mixes well with the new. I am still in love with the Cricut machine and can't wait to use that, along with all of my wonderful Thickers that I have collected up. The goal eventually is to not purchase alphabet stickers and to use the Cricut and my alphabet stamps instead.
Projects on my mind for tommorow:
1. Paint and decorate shadow boxes with Seabrook group photo
2. Scrapbook in both girls school scrapbooks (this will help get my paper problem closer to being under control)
3. Having a stress free, fun day with Molly and anyone else who dares drag their stuff over to my house!!!! ROSE THIS MEANS YOU!

******update on the helicopter: It is not flying over anymore. No news on any of the local stations either. It is times like these I almost wish I had a police scanner. But then I would have to move my family to some white trash home, drink Schlitz beer and sit on my front porch in a broken down recliner.

helicopter in my neighborhood

Ok, we live near Boeing field so we are in their flight path. I did not think much of the first few minutes of helicopter noise above. But now it has been over a half hour and they are still flying around. I just went through our home, making sure all windows are closed and locked except the back deck which nobody could climb up. Hopefully nothing major is going on, at least it is not being reported yet! I will update if there is any news. Here comes the helicopter again. Wierd.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

not so lazy 5 days of vacation

We are home, safe and sound. I say this because we have been gone to Eastern Wa. for the last 5 days and on the way home today on Hwy 2 in Baring I watched a guy and his passenger, who were riding a motorcycle, dump their motorcycle on the Hwy and proceed to roll towards my lane! I actually did not even know he had a passenger until we pulled over and I ran back to see if he was hurt. Mark was a couple of cars behind me driving his motorcycle, and had also (along with an e.m.t and various other people) pulled over. He never saw the accident happen. Thankfully they seemed to be ok by the time the ambulance got there, at least no major injuries. I can't even say it was really their fault, although by law they are probably at fault. I saw a vehicle 2 or 3 in front of them, make a quick right turn onto a side road, causing all vehicles behind to hit the brakes, causing this motorcyle to make a quick stop which is never good.

Anyways, we had a good trip. Weds was off to Moses Lake to see the grandparents. My cousin came over the next day with her 3 kids (2 of whom I have never seen) and we had a great time just hanging out and letting the kids play. It was very hot out, so we got a bucket of water and sponges and the kids played for over an hour "drawing" and scrubbing the cement driveway. I enjoyed seeing Nikki, I have not seen her in about 3 years? She just had another boy in April who is a doll. He smiles all the time and does this funny eyebrow raising thing when you talk to him. He reminds me so much of Nikki as a child.

Friday we left and headed to my brothers cabin in Plain. The girls and I spent Friday night there alone and then Saturday Jamie, and my two nieces and nephew came over. Mark also got to come over because he had some unexpected time off from work. We took the boat out to Lake Wenatchee (better known to us as the lake that is really trying to be an ocean!) to do some inner-tubing. If I did not know better, I would say that this is the windiest day ever at Lake Wenatchee. We took all of the kids, two adults and one dog out on the lake, proceeded to try and sink the boat by taking on waaaaayyy too much water and decided to call it quits. Harley, our 3 year old nephew said it all by this quote..."Dad, this isn't fun anymore." Couldn't have said it better. The kids went out swimming a bit in the water until I think they could not stand the cold wind anymore.

All in all it was fun. My mom and Dad came over Saturday evening. My sister-in-law drove over Sunday morning and early afternoon we went in to Smallwoods to the petting zoo and to drop a mint on delicious peaches, the petting zoo, milkshakes, and the cow/tractor ride. Kathy and I also sampled some of the best wine! I tried rhubarb and she tried pomegranate. I can't wait to purchase a bottle of the rhubarb. They were out this time.

So glad to be home to sleep in my own bed. The kids start art camp tommorow, so I have two hours to myself each morning. What ever shall I do?

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