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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

all i wanna do

Hi everyone, it has been another month since I last blogged. I have been doing absolutely nothing. For those of you that have been sick while pregnant you totally get it. I felt so bad when my friend and hairstylist Heather told me she pulled out her old pregnancy journal and had been sick for 5 months. I am just pleading that will not be me because there are so many things to get done and so many more fun things that I want to do!
The girls are going back to school soon. About a week and a half. We have all school supplies purchased and I suppose they will want to pick out their first day outfits soon! It's hard to believe my oldest is going into 5th grade. Time is moving too quickly.
This weekend should prove to be a lot of fun. Our friends Kelley and Lee are having an end of summer BBQ during the day on Saturday. They have the cutest little house in Seattle and they are the cutest couple. Ahhh, the first months of love. Oh, and they are soon to be married. I can't wait. It's been forever since we've been to a wedding!
Saturday night we have a going away party to attend. Over this last couple years we have become friends with our friends Nanny, and we absolutely adore her. She is moving on to a new family and will be extremely missed (luckily I will get to see her from now and then for coffee/passion tea lemonade) and I wish I could afford her to take care of our new little one on the way because she is phenomenal with kids. The new family is so lucky to have her in their lives! But, our friends are throwing her a "peace out nanny" party and although it will be sad, it should also be fun. I suppose I'll have to be the designated driver? Keymaster? Hmm......I don't know that I have been either one of those before.
Hopefully if I am still feeling well on Sunday, my mother-in-law will be coming over for scrapbooking. I am way overdue and am slowly feeling crafty again. My scheduled project is to finish our Leavenworth Cabin trip from last December. There are just a few finishing touches that need to be done. I've seen a ton of cute projects and page layouts so after Sunday I'll post what I get done and the links to the other great projects online.
Oh, did I mention that we have a color scheme for the baby's room? Linda is going to make a crib quilt for us so I am super excited about that. I just have to pick out some fabric and deliver that and the pattern to her.
Nothing else to report at this time, so this is me logging out.

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