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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

present for the little miss

Here is the last of the Christmas presents. It was discovered today on the top shelf in my closet! I purchased the vinyl cloth and chalk cloth last summer at Ben Franklin with the idea of making my niece, Ryan, this cute portable chalk placemat. The perfect thing to take with to restaraunts to keep little people busy. The buttons/embellishments can not be removed unless a stick of dynamite is used on them! I love the way it turned out, and I hope she has lots of fun with it.

little deer lips

I finally went to work yesterday after many days of being home. The kids played out in the snow while I caught up some paperwork. After awhile they came in to warm up and just shortly after coming inside two deer came up to eat by my window! I went outside to get some pictures, because it has been a few months since the deer have been at our property. They travel up the road a few miles and then work their way back to our office. I never did see any other deer than these two young deer. The kids were pretty excited to see them!

Last night the girls went to a slumber party and Mark headed for Portland. I had the whole place to myself. You would think I would sleep in, but no I was up bright and early. We are ready for Christmas now for sure! We are having family over for Christmas Eve and then heading to Renton on Christmas day after we do our traditional Christmas morning breakfast (Santa Mark cooks). Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dan will be joining us for breakfast this year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see the excitement when the girls open their Santa gifts!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stealing Home part 2/10

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the scene where they are driving home from the beach and the parents see them smoking, etc.
This movie reminds me of how much I love trips to the beach!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I usually love the snow. The more the merrier...I am after all an Alaska girl at heart. But the snow/ice/school delays for 2 hours totally throw me off. We have so much to do this week. Molly has her Girl Scout Christmas party tommorow night, Hayley has a Holiday concert on Thursday and Sunday Hayley is having a holiday tea party for her girlfriends. We can not have any more snow or ice. There is just way too much to do!
So today I am a little "go away snow and ice". But my fire right now is sure toasty warm!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

taking a break

I am taking an short break from blogging but will be back soon.
Grandpa has been in the hospital for a week and is being taken to the nursing home tommorow, Aunt Sharon's dad died of a massive heart attack this morning, and Mark may be looking at getting laid off from work for who knows how long. Hopefully work will pick back up, but it doesn't seem to be happening yet.
So I am going to take these next few days to get some projects done at home (the kind that feed my soul), take the girls to see Santa, and then I am going to start working as much as I can at my bookkeeping job.
I'll keep you all posted as to any new developments!
Keep your fingers crossed...too many friends are either out of work or hours cut back right now. The economy can't keep going down right?
P.S. we had a blast this last weekend in Plain at the cabin with our friends, the Kemps. One of these days I'll post some pictures.

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