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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween Pasta and other fun stuff

In our search to find San Pellegrino "soda" we headed over to Cost Plus World Market and picked up a bunch of fun food items today. I love that they sell holiday pasta. I usually pick up a bag of the shape pasta which includes black and orange colored witches, pumpkins, etc.
This year we saw extra long angel hair pasta there in regular pasta color plus black and it's called "witches hair". We also bought pumpkin flavored pancake mix, a bottle of Ed Hardy Sangria, and some really yummy Pomegranate flavored tea. If you have a Cost Plus near you, I highly suggest heading there. Typically I don't look much at the home decor stuff, but I might next time.
I am so excited for fall. I love all of the pumpkin flavored items out there. I may even try to get decorating for fall this next week. But that means I have to get in the shed. That doesn't sound like much fun!

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