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Monday, April 23, 2007

Been busy

Ok, so you are asking me to do an update on my blog.
Mark and I have been so busy we can't even think straight! Tonite the girls and I went to Theresa and Alans and walked the dogs. The girls love them and since we will probably never have a dog they have to get their fix somehow. It was good exercise too! Fun spending time with T-we left her cleaning out her garage and Alan working hard in the yard. They have the cutest house...lots of plants and trees=lots of work for them.
I promise in a few days I will get back to posting regularly! I am only neglecting you all a little bit.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Treasure trove

If you have not had the chance to check out this you really need to take the time! You don't have to be a Mom to appreciate this wonderful site. It has some of the coolest links. I love, love, love it! Way to go MOD MOM.

The call is coming from within the house

Today I had some time to sit down and watch an episode of 30 Rock we had on the DVR. Ok first of all, I love that show. It is strange, funny, quirky...totally fits my sense of humor. But when Jack was "stalking" liz and her boyfriend and they showed Jacks face on the little security monitor-well let's just say that Jacks face creeped me out a little bit. For those of you who don't know, the character Jack is played by Alec Baldwin. BUT-back to my story. The next line after they showed Jack's face was something like "the call is coming from within the house".
This totally made me think of some wierd things that I have had happen at our house in the last few months that I am now going to share with you!
1. Last year I bought Mark a Seahawks bottle opener that played the Monday night football song, by Hank Williams Jr. That did not irritate me at all, until it just started playing itself at random during the day. I moved it away from the silverware and then two mornings in a row the stupid thing started playing...at EXACTLY 3:48 a.m. There is nothing scarier than the fact that I was woke up by Hank W. Jr. screaming "Are you ready for some football?" and this is magnified by the fact that it was at the exact same time two mornings in a row. I believe my response the next morning as I stumbled down the hallway was "I am not ready for some football you piece of junk!"
2. Earlier this year my phone has rang and when I have looked at the caller I.D. it is our own telephone #. This has also happened twice.

I am not really a superstitious person...but I am a little "the call is coming from within the house" creeped out by these things.

If anything more happens I will be sure to post about it.
Have a happy Monday (if that is at all possible).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ode to the best Grocery Store in the land

trader joes how I love you so.
your soy flaxseed chips,
your corn salsa dips,
and even better...your seasoned chicken strips.
your spiced apple cider makes my girls grins even wider.
cranberry popcorn for a gift gets eaten in a jiff.
super tasty mac-n-cheese,
it really aims to please.
the list could go on and on but I'll stop.
Oh wait one more thing-love that diet cream pop!

Stay tuned....

I have a little trick up my sleeve. In a week or so I will be making an announcement...right here on this blog of ours! After you read my announcement you can just say "a little bird told me".

Check out new sites that have been added to the links list too! There are so many great sites out there in internet land. Hmmm...it appears that other people waste time on the world wide web too. Mine is just a case of insomnia when my dear hubby is out of town...what is everyone else's excuse?

Today I babysat little love Ryan. I was a nervous Aunt. You know it has been awhile since we have had a baby in the house. She was so good! I would take her again in a heartbeat. She really loved our sock pile (see picture). No worries Mom, they are fresh out of the wash!

Mark is back to class next week, so it will be a quiet, subdued, scrapbooking...I mean...study hall kind of a week around here. His big "book of rules" test will be Thursday. Those of you who know Mark, know that he is full of useless facts, so let's hope that file cabinet of a brain has retained everything he has learned these past few weeks. Did you know he has his own little fan club now that he is on the trains? (well, it is actually just my family- the bunch of train nuts that they are...standing out on the highway waving as if their life depended on it). My Dad and a friend were over in Plain, Washington last weekend and left a sign up near enough to the tracks so Mark could see it when he went by. Again, people with too much free time on their hands.
Well, I am off to organize my ever growing pile of papers. Ta Ta for now.

What would Chuck Norris do?

Kick someone in the teeth...as long as he had his "action jeans" on.
Is this not one of the funniest things you have ever seen? Thank God for the Internet. And the even better thing? These beauties retailed for $19.95! OH, they must be STYLIN'.
Food for thought: How many different pairs of jeans did he have to try out to get just the right blend that would not bind his legs?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Visiting for Easter

The girls and I went to Rose's
today for a little Easter outing. Rose and Anna are headed to San Francisco tommorow for a little Spring break trip and we are going to take care of the "other" children (blackberry, graycie and zuzu). Pray that the sneak blackberry does not escape!

The Easter Bunny has visited!

Yesterday we went to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dan's to dye Easter eggs and today the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our house. Molly was looking out her window and spotted a few eggs and started yelling for Hayley to come and look. We had a nice family breakfast together and then the girls went out to hunt for eggs. No candy from the Easter Bunny this year...just lots of coins! Molly is saving hers for a trip to Disneyland.

Monday, April 2, 2007

CKC Portland, Oregon

Creating Keepsakes Convention is a Scrapbookers paradise! Rose, Theresa and I decided we needed to be a part of this convention in Portland back in March, so we hit the highway at a time in the morning that nobody would believe I was even up at! And I even curled my hair and put makeup on...so don't have a heart attack when you read that one! We shopped until we were wore out...love, love,love the Basic Grey, Rusty Pickle and all of the cool chipboard. By the time we got back on the road to come home, we were so overtired and giddy. It was a fun day with my scrap gals!

Dannie, my Sis-in-law, sent this adorable picture of Ryan today. I swear she is getting cuter by the minute!

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