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Friday, October 31, 2008

we went trick-or-treating and all we got was this lousy 10 pounds of candy

We went out trick-or-treating near our old house and had a ton of fun. We met up with some friends and their kids and hit up lots of houses of Hazelwood families.

There were even a few houses that ran out of candy. We are so happy that it was not raining tonite. Our friends little 3 year old daughter came back from each house yelling "Dad, I got candy!" It was the cutest thing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

quit clowning around

We just got home from the school costume party, which was packed. The girls had a ton of fun.
Most common costumes: Pirates and Princesses. I think Hayley was the only clown and she got tons of compliments on her costume. Now the girls are getting their soccer stuff ready to go because we have to be out the door at 8:15 in the morning. Whoever created this soccer schedule must not realize that I am not an early bird! I may have to stop to get a coffee, if I don't have time to brew a pot at home.
Mark and I are getting excited for the Halloween bash being hosted at the Kerley's next weekend. Tommorow is the big decorating day...we have a ton to get done. Hayley has an afternoon soccer game so we will have to take time out for that and then get right back to decorating. I know the decorations are going to be awesome...our friend Becky is renting a U-Haul to bring all of the stuff she owns. Yes I did say U-haul. That is not a typo!!! I have to make sure to get a picture of her as she rolls up. Hopefully we'll be there in time, I don't want to miss the initial unveiling of the contents of that truck.
Other big news we have to share: Hayley is going to a youth development program with the Seattle Sounders starting in November. We had the option of sending her for a specific soccer position, but decided to send her to learn the fundamentals of soccer. Then after the holidays, we will send her back for another six week round for defense, striker, whatever she wants to do. I know I am shocked at how much the girls are loving soccer. I am even enjoying it, and finding that the rules of the game are pretty easy for even me, the non-sports parent, to understand. I love that the girls are so excited about the game. Hayley has even asked me about playing in college so we had the whole talk of getting good grades in school, playing well and then she could possibly get a scholarship to college to play! Dream BIG Hayley!

This next week is conference week, and then trick-or-treating on friday. We like to take the girls over in our old neighborhood. They get to be out on the street and see school friends and even go to some of their friends houses. I refuse to let the old door to door tradition die off. We just don't find it as fun to go to a mall to trick-or treat.

Even though it is only a little after 9, I am headed to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. With Mark gone to Wenatchee, I can hog the whole bed to myself!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I ran across this article today, and my stomach turned a little. Just last week a few of us Mom's were talking at soccer practice about our various rodent experiences. My memorable mouse experience was when we went to Vegas in 2007 and mice were running around at the bus stop in front of Caesars Palace. Yuck! Thank god we have never had a problem with them in our home. I guess that is one benefit to having cats for pets.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

27 Dresses - Benny and the Jets

I just watched this movie. I really liked it much more than expected.
Hands down favorite part was this part where they are smashed in the bar singing this song. "Sorry lyric police..."

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