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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aren't our girls getting so big? I absolutely love these latest pictures of them. Molly will be turning 6 already at the end of April. And Hayley will be 8 in July. Today she surprised me with some new knowledge about what makes something symmetrical and what congruent means. What a smarty pants she is!!! And last week Molly informed us that she wants to read chapter books (it is rare that a Kindergarten student will be able to and then actually comprehend what they are reading). She chose one of Hayley's "The Littles" chapter books, read it and told me what happened in the story. SHOCKING is all I can say.
Ok, well enough bragging about my children for the evening.

The Girls at the At Home America Home Office

Isn't it funny how random thoughts come to you? Today I was thinking about how much I wish I could have an angel food cake muffin from my favorite grocery/market in Chicago. It is this wonderful little place called Fox and Obel (check it out at www.fox-obel.com). They make the BEST desserts in all the land! The first year I was fortunate enough to visit Chicago I discovered this place, and the next summer my good friend Tina Givens and I made sure to make a stop...and take the "newbies" there. Chicago is a wonderful memory for me, I loved everything about it, even the super hot, hardly any air conditioning home office in Alsip, Il.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gwen + Akon = good entertainment

Two of my favorite things came together tonite. Gwen Stefani and American Idol. Although this year of A.I. does not bring as many favorites as I normally have I was thrilled that the show had Gwen Stefani on this year. It is never as good as seeing her live at the Gorge in George, Wa. but I still love her! And I have to say that I was not at all sad to see Chris Sligh leave the show tonite...how many times can the judges tell someone the same thing? He was not getting the message and so clearly it was time for him to go...too bad he did not take Sanjaya with him!
My vote is for Blake...he is a Bothell, Washington guy who can Beat Box like no other!

Jodi Picoult at Third Place Books

Did you know that my FAVORITE author Jodi Picoult is coming to Third Place Books in Kenmore, Wa.? She will be there on April 6th! I am currently reading her newest novel, Nineteen Minutes, which is my favorite by her so far! I highly recommend reading it. Mark and I are planning on going to meet her, a once in a lifetime opportunity! We will post pictures for everyone to see us in "stalker mode" ha ha.

This is a project done by Elsie Flannigan, I hope it is "legal" for me to post this to my blog. You can check out all of her other projects through the link "a beautiful mess". I love love love the Pirate bunny...arrrgh where's me chocolate? I am going to give it a try to make something similar. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pretty toes

On Saturday, Rose and I drove up to pick up her Sister, Erin in Stanwood for a little birthday treat. We then headed down to Seattle to the Nordstrom Spa. Our friend Kelley works there. It was nice to go and relax and the spa is really nice. Kelley is awesome! We ate dinner at the Nordstrom Grill which is always good (crab and artichoke dip-YUM!), then Alan came to pick up Erin and Rose and I shopped downtown until everything started to close up. The downtown Gap is huge, and Nordstrom has great stuff as always. We want to go back when it isn't raining and we can go to a few more stores. Thanks again Kelley for a great time at the Spa.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here's looking at YOU-the life and times of Triple Threat

Triple Threat is the newest member of the Peters Family. We welcomed him in December of 2006. He has many sisters and brothers and you can check out the legend of the three-eyed dog at the link we have posted for Super Gadget Girl.
Stay tuned for Triple Threats adventures...they are going to be

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A couple of nights ago the ad for the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie was on t.v.
It got me thinking that we need to have another "Pirates Party" to celebrate the release of another fine Jack Sparrow flick! We had so much fun...can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grandpa's 85th

Today I completed this
layout of Grandpa's 85th
birthday party. I wish I
had taken more pictures,
but you work with what you have!

Hayley loves the Rich Girl song by Gwen Stefani.

Thought we would make her a "tape" of her very own! Ha Ha.

Too Funny!

Project of the day

So today I had to clean out my exploding containers of ribbons, and decided to use some of the scraps on this. Literally this project took me less than 15 minutes to make. I used a scrap piece of paper, letter stickers and tons of ribbon. The bucket was purchased at www.benfranklincrafts.com
for $4.99. Wouldn't this make a cute gift for someone? You could come up with a million different ideas!
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Happy first day of Spring!
This is one of our Hydrangeas when
they were in full bloom last summer.
Can't wait for them to bloom again. They
have lots of buds already.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A little time to scrapbook

Everyone is in bed, and so here I am scrapbooking instead of doing housework.
Everyone needs a break now and then right? Because I have yet to figure out how to use my scanner (or rather, where my pictures go when they are scanned), you will have to suffer with my photos of the scrapbook pages. Enjoy!
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One last snow day

A few weeks ago it snowed and of course school was canceled. Molly and Hayley's friends Madison and Carter came over to play. They were so cold, but stayed out for over an hour and built a snow fort...as they called it. We really love living in Lynnwood, where we almost always get snow if it is snowing in the Puget Sound!
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Garage sale prices

If you are looking to save a buck on your scrapbooking supplies you should check out www.lifetimemoments.com
Click on the garage sale link and then you have lots of choices from there. I was impressed with
what I looked at on the 50% link. Lots of cool alphabet stickers and other goodies.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here is Mark and I in Leavenworth, Wa.
I forgot about this picture until it came up in my screensaver. Mark is now at least 40 pounds lighter
than in this picture! Going to Leavenworth is so much
fun in the winter. There is usually a ton of snow, and
the kids love to go for the Tree Lighting. We missed
renting a cabin this last December, but will hopefully
get back to making that part of our Winter/Christmas

Mark and I can not wait for nice weather to come for more than a few minutes. The kids are dying to go up to play at Dutch Hill Elementary in Snohomish (Mark's elementary school). I love this picture that Linda took of Hayley, when she could not get enough of the monkey bars. Mother Nature please send us some warm weather!

Friday, March 16, 2007

First time blog

Hi to all my friends and family. This is my first time "blogging" so please be
patient. I hope to get the hang of this soon! Enjoy my picture taken
today with Molly and Hayley's friend Sierra. They had so much fun playing
outside..they were digging for worms and other "buried treasure".

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