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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Mark and I started out the weekend with a group of friends down in Seattle. I may have shocked him by saying I wanted to take the motorcyle, and I am so glad we did. It was fun. We really don't do it often enough...you know life gets in the way. Peso's was a good little restaraunt and it was fun to celebrate Becky's birthday.

Saturday, Mark worked and the girls had a slumber party. The Wilson girls are so easy to have over, but I am still exhausted today. Mark and I took them all to the Edmonds beach today to play out in the sun. The tide was out so the girls got to see a lot of sea anemones, starfish and this other creepy crazy sea creature ( the orange wormy looking thing).

We came home and took a nap...my favorite thing to do! When we got up, Mark decided he would take his new bicycle and ride it over to Lowe's so he could see how much time it would take him. He wants to start riding his bike to work when the weather is nice. He got less than a mile from home and the chain broke. Of course now Joe's is going out of business so I bet they are going to be a pain in the you-know-what about putting on a new one. What a joke, brand new and the chain is already broke. He walked it back home and now is at the park with the kids. I expect them home any minute.

I've got the ipod on and I have a project cut out for sewing on Weds with Theresa. She is among the many people we know who have been laid off...so send good vibes this way for her and Mark because Mark just got laid off again from the Railroad...AGAIN! Can we say it enough that this economy sucks?

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Kelley said...

Hey girlie,
Sorry to hear about the lay offs. We have so many friends that are out of work. Of course this leads to many happy hours, parties and BBQ's, plus nice long sessions of laughing with friends, BUT it still sucks to be out of work. Since T is laid off, we should get together for hiking and such more often.

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