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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Strange and wacky internet

I don't recall how I stumbled apon Emily F's blog but I am sure better for it. I find her really inspiring in many ways...as a mother, a wife, and as an artist. It seems strange at times to be reading about someone whom you may never meet in person, but you feel like you know them even in some tiny way. Emily has started a new "project" called 52Q which you can learn more about here . I am excited to be almost complete with my 1st tag ( I jotted down a few thoughts today on what would be on it, and how I want it to look) and then I will post it here and on the flickr group. A big thank you to Emily for her blog! My one and only New Years resolution this year is to work more on my craft projects-complete them and use things I already own. I think this project will keep me inspired to carry out my resolution and will also be insightful to myself.
P.S. 30 Rock kicked butt tonite on the Golden Globes. I heart 30 Rock.

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